2020+ Ford Escape Pedestal Kit with Mongoose®- 9"XE

2020+ Ford Escape Pedestal Kit with Mongoose®- 9"XE

Gamber Johnson

SKU: 7170-0836-03

Securely mount your tablet or computer with the 2020+ Ford Escape Pedestal Kit featuring the Mongoose®- 9"XE. 


  • Vehicle Base (Item No. 7160-1493)
    Vehicle Base is a no-drill solution and attaches to the passenger side seat studs. Designed using heavy gauge steel for long-term durability.
  • Lower Tube (Item No. DS-LOWER-9)
    The Lower Tube provides vertical clearance over the center console or the seat.
  • Upper Pole (Item No. 7160-0178)
    Center Upper Pole allows for closer mounting to the dash and less stress on the vehicle mounting equipment as weight is centered on the pole. Wrench is needed for loosening, tightening or height adjustment.
  • Mongoose®- 9"XE (Item No. 7160-1116-09)
    Our Mongoose® XE 9” is paired with a versatile clevis with various mounting patterns, making it compatible with a wide variety of devices and easy to install to get you back on the road. All colored aspects on the Mongoose XE 9” are points of movement. Simply pull the front handle and push/pull left or right to position the computer for ideal user comfort. In addition, a side trigger allows the user to glide the docking station towards them giving additional movement and customization.
  • Support Brace (Item No. 7160-0230)
    Support Brace provides additional mount system support in rugged driving conditions and increases mounting system rigidity.  
  • Height: 21.58 in / 54.81 cm


  • 2020+ Ford Escape 


  • A limited lifetime warranty is against manufacturer defects, not normal wear and tear.

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